WoodWing Assets Notifications

For WoodWing Assets By Evolved Media

Evolved Media developed the notifications engine to support customers requirements to be regularly updated on activity around work they are involved in or maybe are waiting for. So rather than searching to find assets the system can tell them when they arrive or change.


WoodWing Assets Notifications

General Information

Product: WoodWing Assets Notifications

Product type: 3rd party software

Integrator: Evolved Media

Product Information

Add on for user notifications | Evolved Media developed the notifications plugin to allow users to define parameters to be notified of activity within WoodWing Assets. This can be defined in a number of ways depending on your workflow. Users can choose to follow whole folders. So if any files are added or updated  they can receive a notification via an email. They can also define extra parameters such as asset type. So they can be notified if an image or video is added or updated. You can also configure the notifications to trigger on a metadata key / value pair. In addition the notifications can be sent through a slack bot. So users can be notified in their Slack account as well.

Further users can also assign out follows. So they can push files to users and make sure they get notified of activity.

Notifications in WoodWing Assets
Notifications in WoodWing Assets
Notifications in slack
Notifications in slack


Plugin Panel for WoodWing Assets browse client

Back end logic for storing users follow and notifications settings.

Integrated to Slack via a bot. Could be extended and developed in other ways in Slack. Such as a Channel.

Easily extended to other collaboration and chat tools.

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