Assets Evolved – Mobile App for WoodWing Assets

For WoodWing Assets By Evolved Media

Introducing the new way to connect to WoodWing Assets on the move.  Featuring uploading from your picture gallery or other files, saving filters. Enhanced features let you quickly find the assets you need and push them through a workflow.  The system also features the ability to customise the skin for your clients.


Assets Evolved – Mobile app for WoodWing Assets

General Information

Product: Mobile App

Product type: 3rd party software

Integrator: Evolved Media

Product information

The new mobile app from Evolved Media lets your users connect to WoodWing Assets (previously known as Elvis). 

The app is principally not just for looking at assets but engaging with the DAM in a workstream.

Upload new material on the go. From your gallery or your files folder, straight into the folder you need. When uploading it will also show you what you have uploaded that day.

Pinned collections. A home dashboard brings together all your group assets. The pinned collections show the first few assets so you can scroll through without even having to dip into the collection. 

Saved and favourite filters. Save your commonly used filters to use where ever you are. Use as part of a workflow. Check recently uploaded/modifed files or when a status has changed.

Assets Evolved

The UI has been crafted to make it easier to navigate around the DAM, search and find and manipulate the metadata on your assets. We have more features being continually added to make this the goto tool of choice when connecting to WoodWing Assets on the move.

Coming Soon…

As part of our release plan, we have many more workflow features in development. Contact us today for more information.


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